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About Us

What does ATW mean?

The word itself is a fantasy name, nothing more. However, for our tens of thousands of loyal customers, it has become synonymous with reliability and cost-effective services.


ATW as free web hosting

We launched our free web hosting service in August 2003. Our service became known for providing significantly more storage space to our users compared to our competitors.


Establishment of ATW Internet Ltd.

We continue our activities in the form of ATW Internet Ltd. Our company was founded by Hungarian individuals and has remained 100% Hungarian-owned since then.

Accredited .hu registrar

In the same year, we officially became accredited .hu registrars.


First data center

To reduce the operating costs of our own server park and introduce co-location hosting and other services, we established our first data center at 11-15 Victor Hugo Street in the XIII. district, covering nearly 300 m², with 24-hour operator service under the dataland brand, meeting the requirements of the time.


We joined the RIPE NCC, the international organization responsible for internet coordination.

Pioneering IPv6

In December 2006, our company became the first in the Hungarian market to provide IPv6 to our customers.


Accredited .eu registrar

From the day of its introduction, our company has been an official, accredited .eu registrar.


International expansion

To meet the demand for recovery sites and computing capacity rental, we jointly established our first data center in Slovakia with our Slovak partner.


New office

For a more pleasant working environment, we switched from office building surroundings to our own office at 66 Esztergomi Street. This became the new location for our customer service and headquarters.


Second data center

Also in Victor Hugo Street but now in an office building hosting Hungary's largest data exchange center (BIX: Budapest Internet Exchange), we established our second data center covering a net area of 200 m², also with 24-hour operator service.

"Hungarian Service" trademark usage

We joined the ranks of users of the "Hungarian Service" trademark owned by Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft.



In line with the expectations of the time, we refreshed our website with a new look and updated services.


Third data center

It is already possible to co-location server hosting on the Buda side of the capital at Hauszmann Alajos Street, in our 550 m2 data center.