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Virtual server

We are providing our VPS servers located in Hungary, central Europe since 2006, our gained experience throughout these years in server hosting is a guarantee of quality and high availability. When setting up the host machine infrasturtcure we strive to use proven, high quality hardware components, our servers are placed in our own server room with 0-24 operator supervision.

The reliability and speed of our host servers have made it possible for many of our own services to migrate to virtual servers from physical servers. With migration, we can deliver lower operating costs without loss of performance, and scalability has improved.


VPS Configurator

If you know exactly what you need, then set up your custom virtual server.

Or choose a ready-made package!

VPS packages

Billing period


2 vCore AMD EPYC Rome
20 GB SSD storage
2 GB memory
40 Gbit/s connection
1 IPV4 address
/56 IPV6 range


4 vCore AMD EPYC Rome
120 GB SSD storage
4 GB memory
40 Gbit/s connection
1 IPV4 address
/56 IPV6 range


8 vCore AMD EPYC Rome
240 GB SSD storage
8 GB memory
40 Gbit/s connection
1 IPV4 address
/56 IPV6 range
1 | | | | | | 8 | | | | | | | 16 | | | | | | | 24 | | | | | | | 32
Input method:
10 GB | | | | | | | | 2500 GB
Input method:
0 | | | | | | | | 10 TB
Input method:
1 GB | | 32 GB | | | 64 GB | | | | | | | 128 GB
Input method:

About our

Virtual server service

  • we place our host machines of our VPS services in our own server room under constant operator supervision;
  • we also provide system administration services to our virtual servers on an ad hoc or permanent basis;
  • our servers are monitored by a monitoring and notification system;
  • do you need advanced network settings? This is not a problem for us!

More features

Pre-installed operating systems
Windows or Linux operating systems
Web and console administration interface
Customizable resources
Administrator privileges
VNC access

Operating systems that can be installed automatically

debian logo
Debian 10 (buster)
Debian 11 (bullseye)
Debian 12 (bookworm)
ubuntu logo
Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)
Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)
centos logo
CentOS Linux 7
CentOS Stream 8
CentOS Stream 9
almalinux logo
AlmaLinux OS 8
AlmaLinux OS 9
rockylinux logo
Rocky Linux OS 8
Rocky Linux OS 9
fedora logo
Fedora 35

Server environment structure

Server environment structure


A stabil hálózati működés érdekében nagyvállalati CISCO hálózati routereket használunk N+1 redundancia formában, azaz bármely eszköz meghibásodása esetén a szolgáltatás továbbra is üzemképes.


KVM technológián alapuló hibatűrő, virtualizációs kiszolgálói réteg IBM szervereken futtatva. Egy kiszolgáló meghibásodása esetén a VPS futtatását automatikusan egy másik szerver veszi át.


SSD háttértároló rendszer tükrözve. A két hálózati tároló között DRBD technológián alapuló folyamatos adattükrözés zajlik. Adatai egy tároló meghibásodása esetén is biztonságban vannak.